Department of Computer Science / Applications was established in 2000-2001 with 15 Computers. Initially the department started with Maths-Physics- Computer Science (MPCs) Combination. In 2004-2005 a new combination was introduced ie., Maths-Statistics-Computer Science (MSCs). After careful observation about Corporate sector we started B.Com Computer Applications in 2007. Now the department raised to 60 Computers and with 1 LCD Projector.

The Department was splits in to Computer Science with 35 Computers and Computer Applications with 25 Computers. But when the situation demands both science students and Applications students are using both labs.

Computer Science Lab : 35 Computer Systems
UPS                             : 5 KVA
Projectors                     : 1 LCD Projector
Micro Processors           : 5 units

Learning Computer Science is One of the most Popular Multi-Skill Course in IT sector in the Country. Need-Based and learner-Centred, it develops essential Computer / IT Skills and integrates the Language Skills of Programming, Software Developing and SAD through learning of C, C++, Java with Data Structures, SQL and Web Developing (Internet) Languages. This ground-breaking curriculum designed to develop positive attitude and make the rural student able to succeed in global competition (Being a self-made man).

Special features of this course.

New Languages and tools are add in this course

New warm-up activities i.e., programme writing and Q A sessions

New activities for each chapter as Student Seminar / viva Q A s

Unit linked value-based questions / Programmes.

Internal Programming competitions

CCE links integration with the content ( Mana TV / Resource Sharing etc.,)

Salient Features of the Department :

Available High-end Configured Computer Systems.

Recently Computer Lab Splits into Computer Science and Applications Separately . And both labs are well equipped.

Ease to Access both Labs when Situation Demands.

Experienced faculty.

Tied with IT / ITES industries in the form of MOU.

Providing Communication and Interview Skills as job market require.

Making Students as self-made man

Teaching aids like LCD Projectors, IIT Lectures(Recorded), Subject Related Apps and modern E-learning softwares are used with the view to enhance the Teaching-Learning process.

Goals & Objectives

Providing best human resources for the IT industry.

Demonstrate proficiency in at least two high-level programming languages, and two operating systems

Continuous up gradation of knowledge of students and faculty as well by providing state of art learning facilities

Develop the spirit of co-operation and co-ordination among the students

Demonstrate comprehension of modern software engineering principles