Additional Responsibilities held:


    In charge of MANA TV

    In charge of Physics Lab

    In charge of Computer science Lab

    Member of Examination committee

      Member of Science association

      Convenor of Audio visual committee

      Convenor of Time table committee

      Member of Attendance committee

      Member of U. G. C committee

      Member of career guidance cell

Departmental Activities:


    Conducted quiz on History of Indian Mathematics.

    Celebrated National Mathematics Day.

    Conducted Guest Lecturer on Vedic Mathematics.


Individual Activities:


    Student seminars


    Student study projects

    Group discussions

    PG entrance Coaching

    Designed PPT’s Through LaTeX.


Papers in International Journals:


    B Ravi and A. Shehata,

    On Ultra spherical Matrix Polynomials and Their Properties, Bulletin of Malaysian of Mathematical Society. (Online)

    B Ravi and A. Shehata, Some properties of Hermite matrix polynomials, Journal of the International Mathematical Virtual Institute, 5(2015), 1-17.

    B RAVI, Multi-variable Hermite matrix polynomials and matrix partial differential equations (In Review)

    B RAVI and A Shehata, a Study of Operational Rules and Arbitrary Order Hermite Matrix Generating Functions (In Review).

    B RAVI, Kummer’s Type Transformations of Generalized Hyper geometric functions (In preparation).

Papers In National Seminars

    B Ravi, the Challenges of Maintaining Biodiversity in India, Govt Degree College (M) Kurnool.

    S. Srinivasulu and B Ravi, Implications of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology on Society, Govt College (M), Anantapuramu.